Sadhana Kala Kendra
Sadhana samman 2053

In order to honour the senior artists who made matchless contributions in the field of Nepalese songs and music, the following heads were there in the Screening Board of 'Sadhana Honour Samman Programme' in 1997.

1.       Mr. Ambar Gurung (Veteran Musician)
2.       Mr. Madhav Ghimire (Veteran Poet and Song Writer)
3.       Mr. Ram Saran Darnal (Music Researcher)
4.       Mr. Hari Prasad Rimal (Veteran Actor)
5.       Mr. Ramesh Shrestha (Veteran Musician)
6.      Mr. Gopalnath Yogi (Veteran Instrumentalist)
7.       Mr. Kanchha Buddha Bajracharya (Veteran Dance)
8.       Mr. Shiva Adhikari (Veteran Journalist)
9.       Sadhana representatives:
           -Mr. Prakash Gurung (Veteran Musician)
           -Mr. Milan Moktan (Founder Director & Music Director)
Prime Minister
Lohendra Bahadur Cband
Distributing the Award
"Sadhana Samman-2053"
to Bbairab Bahadur Tbapa,
the renowned dace director.





The details, in brief, of the artists noted and honoured for their dedication and contribution to the cause of Nepalese an and culture read thus.
Music:        Mr. Nati Kaji Shrestha
Ms. Shanti Thatal Song: Mr. Dharma Raj Thapa ,Mr. Aruna Lama 
Instrument: Mr. Sambhu Prasad Mishra, Ms. Laxmi Rana 
Joumalism/Art/Culture: Mr. Satya Mohan Joshi
Lyric:    Mr. Ratna Samser Thapa, Ms. Chandani Shah
Dance:  Mr. Bhairab Bahadur Thapa, Ms. Narayandevi Pradhan
Acting: Mr. Jitendra Mahat Avilasi ,Ms. Bhuwan Chand
In celeberation of the auspicious Silver Jubilee Occasion of His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev's accession to the Royal Throne, this year the following veteran heads who glorified Nepalese identity and national culture during their sta in foreign countries were also honoured with awards in die "Sadhana Honour" in accordance with the ananimous decision of the members of the Screening Board,
Mr. Manohari Singh (Veteran Instrumentalist, Bombay, India)
This year the "Sadhana Honour" concluded in the presence of Right Honourable Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand, the chief guest.


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